Congress and negotiation of the International Committe in Bratislava


Nagotiation Program 

Thursday 18 September, 2014

Arrival of delegates till 18:00 hour, accommodation

19:00 hour – collective diner in SOREA hotel


Friday 19 September, 2014

07:00-08:30  – Breakfast in dining room

09.00 hour    – Negotiation of the International Committee in Congress Hall – 2nd floor

                     – Oppening and Greeting by Chairman of the Slovak Association of Antifascist
                        Fighters (SAAF), Ing. Pavol Sečkar, PhD.

– Organizational direction to the Negotiation and the Program, by
dr, Juraj Drotar, member of the International Committee

09:15 hour       – Opening of working negotiation of the International Committee of Deportees, Refugees, and Victims of the Fascism and Nazism in the years 1920–1945.

–        Report about activities of the International Committee – President of the International Committee, madam prof. Ivica Žnidaršič


10:00 – 10:30 hour      BREAKE


10:30 hour     a) Reports and Information by member of the Internatiuonal Committee and by
   Representatives of Member organizations about activities and fulfilling of the
               Conclusions of Moscow’s conference

                        b) Solicitousness for social situation of the deportees and refugees from years
    1920–1945 and participants of resistance

                        c) Preparations of the national Organizations for 70th anniversary of the Victory
    about Fascisms (Inform: Member of the International Committee

                        d) Debates about the presented former reports


13:00 – 14:00 hour      LUNCH



14:00 hour       –  Continuation of the discussion to the former reports

15:00 hour       – Election of the members of the Committee and Chairmanship of the International Committee

15:30 hour       – Acceptance of the resolution against activities of the Nazi and fascistically organizations in Europe

15:45 hour       – Acceptance of the resolution

16:00 hour       – Finish of the working part of negotiation

16:00 hour       – Facultative programme



19:00 hour                               OFFICIAL DINER



Saturday 20 September, 2014

Till 09:00 hour – Breakfast

10:00 – 12:00 hour      – Bilateral negotiations

After 12:00 hour          – leaving of the delegates from Congress


We ask members of International Committee to confirm their participation on Congress and to give us the arrival time and place to Bratislava till 1th September 2014 on e-mail, Please send your speeches in your language, English and Russian also till 1th September 2014 on e-mail,

Best regard


Dr. Juraj Drotar

Member of International Committee


Ivica Žnidaršič, prof.

President of International Committe